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Registration email activation issues and FAQ
To become an active user we require activation through a valid email account. The reason we require this is:
  • Admins or Moderators may need to contact you for various things. They normally do this by private messages (which should send an email to the user a private message has been sent), or as a second solution they may directly email a user
  • We are trying to keep are user data base as small as can be, an users without a valid email with be removed as we are not able to contact you as per the above note
There may be some instances where users do not get an activation email, nor get an email back from our staff for help in activating an account. Here we have provided some information and FAQ on how to troubleshoot and resolved that issue. In most cases an automatic activation email from first registering should be delivered in 5 minutes or less, if you did not receive one please continue on with these steps.

I did not receive an activation email
Sometimes users experience not receiving a automatic activation for an account they registered. Try these steps:

1) Please check you spam folder. In some cases the activation email could have been sorted there.

2) If you did not receive and activation email in your inbox or in your spam folder, please send an email to [email protected] from the registered email you signed up with and we will manually confirm your email address, activate your account, and reply to you that your account is active.

I did not receive a reply to have my account manually activated
Sometime users do not receive and email from our team saying that we have manually activated your account. These replies should have been sent 12-24 hour or less upon submission. If you did not get a reply by email that your account was manually activated try these steps:

1) Check your spam folder for the manual account activation.

2) Check with your ISP or email service that emails from [email protected] are not black listed or blocked. This is very common. ISP's or email services may block certain key words (ie: warez) from being delivered and are returned.

Note: If we receive a bounce back upon replying to a manual activation inquiry that account will be deleted.

I did not receive a reply to manually activate my account in my inbox, spam folder, and my ISP or email service is unable to help
We understand at this point things are getting very frustrating for you. If your ISP or email service is not helping, and you are not getting manual account confirmation to your email we suggest the following:

1) Create a new free email with and re-register on our site using that new address. After testing we do know that gmail does not block automatic activation notices.
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